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Welcome to my bulldog puppy page. This is my passion and I have worked long and hard to get where I am today with this breed. All of our dogs are loved family members first and breeding dogs second. If their health is at risk a health problem crops up we adapt our breeding problem immediately to correct any issues. We have made many good friends over the past 15 years of breeding and showing bulldogs and look forward to the future.

All of our puppies are ckc registered, come with a microchip and a one year health contract. They are vet inspected and the vet gives them their first shots. I send out an information package and give you a free trial of pet insurance as well as a life-time of support. 

We can first speak through e-mail and in that e-mail I would like to know about you, your family, experience and research of the breed as well as how many hours a dog would be alone at your home. You also understand that a pet is a lot of work and not to be taken on is like having a toddler that never actually grows up. Please do not buy on your research and your homework. I must charge h.s.t. on all of my puppies.

This is a very difficult breed and in spite of all the health testing and careful breeding they can have issues so

you will NEED to be prepared financially for that...keep your pet insurance current!!! Also do your research and call the provider...what is included and what is not? What is considered a pre-existing condition on a bulldog? What happens if you have a claim, does your insurance go up or coverage go down?


Ontario Breeder of English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers