We are a small family breeder, located in Southwestern Ontario. We breed English Bulldogs and adorable Boston Terriers. We have been working with our lines for 18 years, all of our puppies are CKC Registered, come with a microchip and a one year health contract. We also provide life time support for all our bully parents!


We retired from our 25 years of fostering children which we loved, but I am enjoying my retirement and 11 grandchildren whom our three beautiful children have shared with us! 

I love to breed and show bulldogs and Boston Terriers. This is my passion and I have worked long and hard to get where I am today with this breed.

All of our dogs are loved family members first and breeding dogs second. If their health is at risk or a health problem pops up, we connect with our trusted vets immediately to correct any issues. We do not have a kennel and all of the dogs live as family members. We do have a foster program and some of our dogs live with friends and family.


We have made many good friends over the past 20 years of breeding and showing bulldogs and look forward to what 2021 has instore for us!



All of our puppies are CKC Registered, vet inspected, and come with first shots/ deworming, and are microchipped. We also provide a puppy care package, free trial of pet insurance and a one year health guarantee. 


Our puppies are pets ONLY and will only be adopted out to approved adopters under a non-breeding contract. We encourage all our bully lovers to join our Facebook page for ongoing support, updates and more! 

We can first speak through e-mail and in that e-mail I would like to know about you, your family, experience and research of the breed as well as how many hours a dog would be alone at your home. You also understand that a pet is a lot of work and not to be taken on lightly...it is like having a toddler that never actually grows up.


Please do not buy on impulse...do your research and your homework. I must charge HST on all of my puppies which is outlined on your formal contract and receipt upon pickup.


If you are interested in a show puppy or prospect for breeding projects, please contact us for further information.




Important Information

Before contacting us - please do your research. These breeds are special and are considered to be brachycephalic which have relatively short muzzles and noses - because of this the throat and breathing passages in these breeds are frequently undersized or flattened. They can have elongated palettes as well as other health conditions that may need to be addressed down the line which are beyond our control. Please check out our blog for more info!


We do our best to ensure that we are breeding the healthiest dogs however every dog breed has conditions that they are prone to and no matter how careful the lineage is tracked, these issues can occasionally occur!

Our main goal is to produce healthy, happy puppies. We do several health tests on our dames and sires to ensure the best genetics and characteristics are being continued through our lines.


We highly recommend pet insurance and finding a vet that specializes in flat faced breeds near you.

For more information, check out our Facebook page or Bully Blog! It provides general tips for training and more.