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The first thing to keep in mind is that crates are not cages.

Crates are however:

  1. A valuable aid in housebreaking. Most dogs have an aversion to soiling in their sleeping quarters, so confine your pup to his crate at night and take him directly to his toilet area first thing in the morning. You can housebreak your pup more quickly and easily using the close confinements of a crate. **Remember it is easiest to do things right the first time than it is to break bad habits later.**

  2. A safe and secure spot when you are not around. You can leave him home in the house and assured that he will not soil or damage your house or your belongings. You also know that he will be safe. **Remember to never leave a collar on your dog while in the crate or anytime that they are unattended. It can quickly become a noose around their neck.**

  3. It is beneficial to take your crate when travelling with your pet to a new environment. It will still have its familiar sleeping quarters which can help with the transition. It can also afford him some privacy and quiet time away from prying children.

  4. A special place to call its own. A dog needs a bed to call his own. This satisfies his den instinct. If the door is left open, he will often wander in and lie down.

It is important to use-BUT NOT ABUSE-the crate. The dog should not be crated for extended periods of time, such as all day long!!! The dog must be well exercised both before and after crating and given lots of personal attention.

Crates come in a number of styles and materials. The one that I like the best is the wire crate. The dog can still see out and receives lots of ventilation. These can also be folded flat for storage. You can put a blanket over top of part of it if more privacy is needed.

Remember to clean your crate often and disinfect. I also love an Xpen which also works wonderful with the crate inside.

You can put puppy pads out on the floor and leave the crate door open. Your puppy soon learns to come out and do its business on the puppy pads. Also, when they are older you put the big blankets in there and when you are gone they are safe, snug but still have lots of room.

Do not purchase a small crate. A crate should always be large enough to permit a full grown dog to stretch out flat on his side without being cramped and to sit up without hitting his head on top. You will only be sorry later if you buy a crate that is too small.

We use the big, cedar blankets once they are trained and these avoid sores and unsightly callouses. We cover the inside with a big garbage bag so that we only have to wash the cover and the inside does not become stinky, stained or soiled.

**When you travel, purchase a doggy seat belt from Pet Value - the best investment you will ever make. These not only keep your dog safe but it keeps the whole family safe.**

If in an accident, an unsecured dog will fly like a missile and if it hits you or one of your children it could possibly kill you and it most certainly will kill your pet.

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