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Puppies need playthings just like babies. Puppies teeth and want to chew but always keep safety in mind. Not everything on the market is appropriate for your pet. They can swallow items and it can be deadly for them. Hard rubber rings, bones or balls are prefered to the cheap spongy rubber items that shred easily and can be torn up and swallowed.

When buying squeaky toys or things with bells inside, check that your pup won't be able to dislocate the squeakers or bells easily (by chewing up the outside) - these toys should be durable.

Puppies like to chew especially when teething and hard nylon bones are one of the safest, and longest lasting things they can gnaw on. Another preferred chew toy is the old fashioned bone. You can purchase these from a pet show (smoked real bones) or from the butcher shop. They love the ones with the marrow in it.

This is excellent for their teeth and will keep them interested for at least 2 weeks. It is very economical as well. NO chicken, fish or pork bones, they can splinter and stick in the throat or puncture the intestine walls.

You can improvise toys for your dog too. Stuff an old sock and knot it in the middle and end to make a play animal. Or a sock simply stuffed with paper can make a nice noisy toy to scrunch.

Many things can be turned into toys with a little imagination. But no matter what the toys, your dog's favourite moments of playtime will be those he shares with you!!

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