• ALDAR Bulldogs + Boston Terriers



There are 4 basic rules to follow - the first one being the most important.

  1. Praise is more effective than punishment.

  2. Pups will usually relieve themselves within 20 minutes after eating and every half hour thereafter.

  3. Pups prefer not to mess in their sleeping area but if it becomes the norm it could be hard to break the habit.

  4. Scent will draw a dog back to reuse a spot that was previously used.

As soon as your puppy finishes his meal, take him outside to your pre-selected spot. Then wait, it won't take long. When he relieves himself in the proper spot. tell him how very pleased you are with his incredible intelligence.

Use lots of praise. Make a fool of yourself over all of his simple achievements. Laugh and smile and get excited with him.

The more enthusiasm you use in training, the quicker he will learn.

We use the same word every time (ie “do your business”). This helps when travelling with him so that he knows what you are expecting of him. Always take your pup out the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning.

Confine the pup in a relatively small area for the night. Accidents DO happen and never punish the pup for a transgression if he has diarrhea.

Watch him all of the time: you can usually tell when he has to relieve him/herself. They will get very intent with their sniffing and sometimes begin turning in a circle. Time to run. Remember, lots of praise, and a watchful eye, and you should have your puppy house trained in no time at all.

Puppyhood should be a time of playing and running and of exercise-mentally and physically. It is very important to avoid any sense of failure and to instill confidence in your puppy.

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