• ALDAR Bulldogs + Boston Terriers


A bulldog is a loyal friend and a family member rather than a pet. They are very gentle and loving and they are a people dog. They prefer to be treated as such but always remember that it is important that you are the boss and the leader to avoid possible behavior problems.

Enjoy your dog and remember you only get out of them what you put in. Love and patience as well as consistency is important to make your bulldog an enjoyable family member.

Adapting to a new home is difficult. Remember your puppy has had to leave it's familiar surroundings, quite possibly it's siblings, as well as it's mother. The puppy is used to a relatively calm life-sleeping, eating and playing with siblings.

Don't overtire your puppy and make sure he gets plenty of sleep.

**Please discipline children in their handling of the puppy. Nothing makes me more nervous to see a small child carting around a puppy. It is very unsafe and the puppy could be easily injured. If nothing else, remember the vet bills that this could cause you. No mauling, poking, or pulling of the legs. Even though they look sturdy, they are still a baby with soft growing bones. NEVER pick him up by the legs-you could easily dislocate a shoulder.**

Show children the correct way to hold a puppy; supporting his belly with one hand while holding his rump securely with the other.

-Do not let older children or teenagers rough-house with the puppy. They can easily turn aggressive and then you have a problem.

-Do not let older animals rough-house with the puppy either. A bigger, more agile dog can do a lot of harm to a puppy's soft bone tissue and cartilage.

Most importantly; never leave your puppy alone with an older pet until you are sure they get along and even then—exercise caution.

-Puppies can be very destructive when bored or alone, so leave out lots of toys, large bones, old socks tied up with a tennis ball, boxes etc. for him to play with a safe area.

Socializing at an early age is very important. To prevent shyness or aggression your puppy must be exposed to new places, people and situations. Try to take your puppy out with you as much as possible.

Early training classes are a must for a well behaved dog and puppies also benefit from Puppy Kindergarten classes and at 6 months of age obedience classes are helpful. A bulldog must be trained as a puppy so START NOW!!!

If you use a collar or a tag it is best to remove it when you are not supervising your puppy as they could choke to death if caught up on something.

-Do not let your dog get too heavy during the critical growing stages (3-12 months) They should be well fleshed, with their ribs covered, but lean is always better than heavy until their bones set.

-No free choice feeding(leaving food down all day long). Do not over exercise your puppy after a meal. Let it settle and keep an eye out for bloat.

Vehicles: Our dogs must never be driven around in the back of an open pickup truck. In summer months, never leave your dog in a hot car-they can die very quickly from heat prostration

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