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Claiming Your Door

Many people tell me their dogs jump all over people when they come to the door. The best way is to never let it begin!!!

When you get a new puppy you put a sign on your door. NEW PUPPY PLEASE IGNORE!!! Violate this rule and you have to supply a years worth of puppy food…NO JOKE!!

The trick is that all of your family members have to do the same.

When you come in the house and use that baby voice and screech “oh my baby, I missed you so much,” and then you bend down and jump around with your puppy, you create the mayhem and over excite your puppy/dog. You might think this is cute but it isn’t so cute when they are jumping all over your family and friends and biting their hands. The sad thing is that it is not the dog’s fault.

Question: How do I fix this issue once I created it?

It can be done.

You are going to put a leash on your dog and have a friend or family member come over and knock on the door. You are going to control your dog with a command to sit. When they listen you treat them. This won’t happen in two minutes. You might struggle the first few times. In two minutes they knock again and repeat. Do this for a solid twenty minutes or until the dog totally ignores the door and listens to you. If you know yourself to be a quitter, don’t bother. As I said, this takes a bit of work but you will be thrilled with the results. You might have to refresh this skill once in a while.

DO IT!!!

I hope this helps.

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