• ALDAR Bulldogs + Boston Terriers


Ideally, brushing a bulldog for 5 minutes a day will give him a shiny healthy coat, but weekly grooming will suffice. Any rubber brush or house glove will do. This is also an opportunity to check him well for any lumps, cuts, excessive hair loss etc. Running a wet cloth over the dog will remove most dirt and will practically eliminate the need for a bath. It will also help with shedding.


Bathing is only necessary if your dog's coat gets something offensive in it, if you are planning on showing him, or to hasten the removal of dead hair. You can use people's shampoo but avoid perfumes, etc.. in it. Conditioners should also be used or try to use all naturals. Keep the dog in the house until completely dry, unless it is a nice warm day.


Check the eyes for inflammation and treat with a dab of Polysporin for eyes in the corner of each eye. Clean the ears and lip folds for any buildup and if you do not want any tear stains put a little bit of Vaseline daily in the folds below the eyes.

Pimples (yes puppies get them too)

Treat any puppy pimples with a drop of rubbing alcohol to dry them up.


The teeth may be brushed with a bit of dog toothpaste (not human). Dog bones and teeth biscuits will help to keep the dogs teeth cleaned.


Clip the nails bi-weekly or monthly, whichever is necessary to keep them nice and short. We prefer a grinder to grind the nails with a Dremel Drill which painlessly grinds the nails nice and short.


Make sure to keep the wrinkles very clean daily. These are the wrinkles on their face and especially if they have big wrinkles under their nose. You can use baby wipes and butt paste if it gets sore looking.


Keep your dog’s ears clean as well. At least once a week check them and clean out any dirt found to prevent sores in their ears and chronic ear problems.

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