Before contacting me please do your research. These breeds are special and are considered to be brachycephalic which have relatively short muzzles and noses and because of this the throat and breathing passages in these breeds are frequently undersized are flattened. They can have elongated palettes as well. 

We do our best to ensure that we are breeding the healthiest dogs however ever dog breed has conditions that they are prone to and no matter how careful these issues can occasionally occur. I highly recommend pet insurance.

Aldar's is a family affair and my daughter's and grand daughter are very passionate about the boston terriers and they all  live as family members.

My husband and I have bred and exhibited bulldogs for the past 15 years and love, love, love the breed.  We do not have a kennel and all of the dogs live as family members. We do have a foster program and some of our dogs live with friends and family.

All of our puppies are ckc registered, vet inspected, first shots, dewormed, microchipped, and come with a  puppy care package and a free trial of pet insurance as well as a one year health guarantee.

Once your puppy is born it is a $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold it. The rest is due in cash only on pickup for which you will receive a receipt.


                   Available Puppy Information(MUST READ)


Available puppies-any puppies not sold as show prospects are considered pet puppies and will come on a spay/neuter contract and CAN NOT be bred.

Show prospect puppies are sold on an individual basis to a select few. They are sold to people that keep them in their home as a pet first.

Breeding can look appealing to people and many believe it is a fast money maker. It costs a lot of money to breed bulldogs, Boston terriers and french bulldogs. They are bred by Artificial insemination, progesterone tested and delivered by C-section. They can often be bred but do not take and they can have one puppy. Many times a breeding dog is removed from a breeding problem due to health issues or they bore or sired undesirable offspring which is very costly but must be done for the health of your puppies.

 A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is needed to hold your puppy!!!!!!! I will NOT put a puppy on hold without a deposit. I have tried this in the past.

If you not longer want or can care for your Aldar's Puppy it MUST be returned to us immediately and it states this in our contract. You will NOT sell it or GIVE  it away. I will not judge you at all...sometimes people's circumstances change but do not place it in a shelter.

I also work with bulldog rescue to place abused or unwanted bulldogs in their new forever home so please be careful where you get your dog.