Unfortunately rescue is not available through Mary Cole any longer.

Many bulldogs are produced in puppy mills throughout Canada, the United States and Europe and make their way into many rescue organizations. Often they end up euthanized due to behaviour or significant health issues. A reputable breeder will take back one of the bulldogs that they bred. Puppy purchasers are contributing to this growing epidemic by purchasing their puppies from Brokers, puppy mills etc. You might get a cheap puppy now but end up paying later. Please do your research...If a breeder tells you they are selling it for a friend or family member and they brought them from Europe.....run!!!

Sometimes families can no longer care for a bulldog and they have nowhere to go because the breeder is nowhere to be found or is unwilling to take them back.

DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Benevolent Bully Rescue and hopefully they can help you. If your dog is a registered Bulldog and has a microchip please contact the original breeder as the reputable ones will help you.